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Who We Oversee

At Ombudsman Toronto, we oversee all City divisions and most City agencies, corporations, and adjudicative boards. Click on the categories below for information about the specific organizations we oversee.

If you still have questions or would like more information, you can contact us at or 416-392-7062.

We can investigate individual complaints about:

City Divisions

Divisions and/or departments that make up the City administration (e.g., City Planning, Court Services, Toronto Water) *We do not oversee the Auditor General, Integrity Commissioner, or Lobbyist Registrar

City Agencies

Agencies that provide City services (e.g., Business Improvement Areas, CreateTO, TTC) *We do not oversee the Toronto Public Library

City Corporations

Corporations that are owned by the City (e.g., Toronto Community Housing Corporation, Toronto Hydro, Toronto Seniors Housing Corporation)

City Adjudicative Boards

Tribunals, committees, and other bodies which hold hearings to resolve disputes, regulate activities, and determine legal rights and benefits (e.g., Administrative Penalty Tribunal, Committee of Adjustment, Toronto Local Appeal Body)

We can also conduct systemic investigations into:

Toronto Police

Toronto Police Service and Toronto Police Services Board’s policies, practices, and procedures


Systemic barriers to housing and the City of Toronto’s housing planning and service delivery roles