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Ombudsman Appoints Acting Deputy Ombudsman (Housing) for Duration of Parental Leave

Ombudsman Kwame Addo today announced that he has appointed Luke Brown to the position of Acting Deputy Ombudsman (Housing). Brown will assume the role for the duration of Deputy Ombudsman (Housing) Reema Patel’s parental leave.

Brown comes to the role with a long history in the Ombudsman field, in which he has worked for 10 years. He currently serves as Ombudsman Investigation Counsel and previously held the role of Investigator. Before joining Ombudsman Toronto, Brown worked at a Toronto community legal clinic representing clients facing financial insecurity, including representing tenants in housing disputes, served as an Investigator at Ombudsman Ontario, and worked in accountability and governance in West Africa and the Philippines.

Brown will begin his duties on November 29, 2023. He will work alongside Deputy Ombudsman (Housing) Patel until December 31, 2023, at which time Brown will undertake leadership of the housing unit.

Ombudsman Toronto’s housing unit conduct systems reviews and systemic investigations into the planning and delivery of Toronto’s housing services and programs, monitors the implementation of the City’s housing policy from a human rights and fairness perspective, and engages meaningfully with individuals and communities facing housing precarity.


“Luke has deep knowledge of Ombudsman work, extensive experience leading difficult investigations, and a strong dedication to fairness and equity. I have seen firsthand his commitment to ensuring all people in Toronto are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve, and am confident he has the background, judgement, and leadership skills to hold the City of Toronto to account as Acting Deputy Ombudsman (Housing).” – Kwame Addo, Ombudsman

“Since I joined the office as Deputy Ombudsman (Housing) in August, we’ve accomplished an incredible amount of work – from fully staffing the housing unit to making connections in the community to launching our first systemic investigation. I have full confidence that this momentum will continue under Luke’s expert leadership.”  – Reema Patel, Deputy Ombudsman (Housing)

“I am honoured to serve as Acting Deputy Ombudsman (Housing) during Reema’s temporary absence. There’s no doubt the City of Toronto is facing a housing crisis requiring immediate, urgent action, and that we have much to do over the next year. But Reema has built an extraordinary unit with a team of seasoned investigators who bring years of experience and dedication to the work. Together, I look forward to continuing Ombudsman Toronto’s vital work of advancing housing as a human right in this city.” – Luke Brown, Ombudsman Investigations Counsel

For more information, contact:

Alex Kruger
Ombudsman Toronto

Ombudsman Toronto listens to and investigates people’s complaints and concerns about City administration and the fairness of City services. We are a free and impartial office that operates independently from the City, holding it accountable to the people it serves.