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Toronto’s Ombudsman to Investigate City’s Clearing of Encampments

Toronto’s Ombudsman Kwame Addo today announced that his office has launched an investigation into the City of Toronto’s clearing of encampments from some of the City’s parks.

“We have received complaints that raised concerns about the City’s approach to the encampment evictions,” said Ombudsman Addo. “I have formally notified the City Manager of the launch of our investigation.” 

The investigation will focus on how the City of Toronto planned the encampment clearings, engaged stakeholders, and communicated with the public, as well as the policies and procedures that guided its actions. It will not review the conduct of Toronto Police officers, as this is beyond the mandate of Ombudsman Toronto.

As part of its investigation, Ombudsman Toronto will be speaking to people involved in and affected by the clearances. Members of the public can write to Ombudsman Toronto at or contact us by phone at 416-392-7062.

Ombudsman Toronto is an independent, impartial office that operates at arm’s length from the City of Toronto. It investigates public complaints about the City of Toronto administration to make sure the City treats all people fairly. All complaints made to Ombudsman Toronto are confidential.

An Ombudsman Toronto backgrounder is available at

For more information, contact:

Alex Kruger
Ombudsman Toronto
Office: 416-338-3023
Cell: 647-472-0873

Ombudsman Toronto listens to and investigates people’s complaints and concerns about City administration and the fairness of City services. We are a free and impartial office that operates independently from the City, holding it accountable to the people it serves.