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Toronto Ombudsman to Review TTC Investigation of Incident on Streetcar

On February 18, 2018, an incident involving several TTC Transit Fare Inspectors and a young black male customer occurred on a Toronto streetcar. It was widely reported in the media.

In an open letter to Toronto Ombudsman Susan Opler a few days later, the TTC publicly committed to investigate the incident and then answer the public’s questions about it. The TTC has now released its report.

Ombudsman Toronto has requested the TTC’s complete investigation file. The Ombudsman will be reviewing it to examine whether the TTC’s investigation was appropriately thorough, fair and transparent and whether its conclusions are reasonable, based on the available evidence.

An Ombudsman Toronto backgrounder is available at and on request.

Ombudsman Toronto listens to and investigates complaints and concerns about City administration and the fairness of City services. We are impartial and we operate independently of the City, holding it accountable to the people it serves.