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The Grass Isn’t Greener

What Happened

In 2009, the City did some work in front of Mr. A’s home. After having to dig up part of his yard, they laid gravel and new sod. Mr. A, however, complained several times to the City that the grass wasn’t growing. The City replaced the sod three times and suggested he water the area diligently. Mr. A, who said he had been watering, contacted our office.

What We Did

After we called the City to discuss the issue and questioned the quality of materials being used. The City agreed to replace the gravel and put down new top soil. The City also sent a letter to Mr. A explaining what they had done and said that it was the last time they would replace the sod.

The Result

Mr. A received new gravel and top soil, and shared that he was very satisfied with the resolution.