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Swimming in Water Bills

What Happened

Mr. L called our office after having issues getting in contact with Toronto Water regarding water bills for his restaurant. Over several months, Mr. L received multiple estimates for water bills for his restaurant, which he thought were too high. He contacted Toronto Water to resolve the discrepancy. Toronto Water told Mr. L that his meter was not working properly and that they would look into it. However, no one from Toronto Water came to assess or fix the problem. Worrying that the amount would be transferred to his taxes, Mr. L tried contacting Toronto Water again but was unable to reach anyone.

What We Did

We contacted Toronto Water on Mr. L’s behalf to obtain more information, and learned that Mr. L’s bills had been estimates since 2007. After discussing the issue with our office, an inspector from Toronto Water examined and fixed the meter. However, Mr. L’s problems did not end there. Toronto Water staff promised to monitor the new daily average to determine an appropriate bill or credit, but did not explain that to Mr. L. As a result, he contacted our office again, confused about why he needed to pay the current estimated bill. We connected Mr. L with the right City staff member at Toronto Water to properly explain the situation.

The Result

Mr. L’s meter was fixed, his billing situation straightened out, and City staff explained the situation clearly so that he understood it.