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Muddled Up Money

What Happened

Ms. B paid her property tax bill online, but was told it had not been paid. Ms. B contacted the City, stating she had made her payment in May 2010 and she sent several faxes of her receipts to Revenue Services to prove it. She faxed a letter to Revenue Services staff in June requesting an itemized account of payments she had made. She then spoke to someone in July who indicated a credit would be applied to her bill. When the issue was still not resolved in August, she sent another fax. Frustrated by the lack of response, she called our office.

What We Did

We discovered that Ms. B had missed a few digits on her tax bill and the money paid had been applied to the wrong account. We reached out to Revenue Services who confirmed that Ms. B’s bank had applied the funds incorrectly.

The Result

Revenue Services corrected the mistake for Ms. B.