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Making an International Referral

What Happened

We were surprised to hear from Dmitri, a Russian resident who had continuing concerns about a fire that happened in his apartment in Moscow. While his email was addressed to the Moscow Ombudsman, Dmitri had sent it to our office instead.

What We Did

Our first step was for staff to translate Dmitri’s email. We then tracked down contact information for the Moscow Ombudsman’s office using Cyrillic — it had not appeared through an English search online — and shared this information with Dmitri in Russian.

The Result

Dmitri had the information he needed to send his concerns to the Moscow Ombudsman as originally intended.

Why this Matters

It can be hard to know who the right person is to contact and where you should make your complaint. When we hear from people who contact us about a company or issue that is outside of our scope, we do our best to refer them to the right place to raise their concerns.