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Helping to Clear the Path

What Happened

Maurice, a senior who required the use of a motorized wheelchair, was unable to board their TTC bus because snow was blocking the area where the bus would deploy its ramp. As a result, they missed several medical appointments. After calling 3-1-1 multiple times, Maurice contacted our office.

What We Did

Accessible service is a key element of fairness. In this case, not only was there a delay in communicating with Maurice, who had not heard back from 3-1-1, but the delay in snow clearing impeded Maurice’s mobility. We referred Maurice directly to staff at Transportation Services, who could address their concerns. Transportation Services confirmed to us that they had spoken to Maurice and cleared the snow.

The Result

Maurice was happy with the result. They were able to access transportation and safely move about their neighbourhood.

Why this Matters

Even though there was a delay, the City of Toronto was able to respond to Maurice’s concerns thanks to our referral to Transportation Services. When faced with a delay, it’s sometimes difficult to know where to go to escalate a complaint. Our office helped connect Maurice to the right place in order to resolve the issue.