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Helping a Senior Get the Housekeeping Support He Needed

What Happened

Sajid, who lives on his own, was having trouble keeping up with his housekeeping duties because of his medical issues. He was hoping to get some help but didn’t know who to ask, so he contacted our office for help.

What We Did

We listened to Sajid’s concerns and suggested he contact the City’s Senior Services & Long-Term Care division to get information about their Homemaker and Nurses Services Community Program.

The Result

With the proper contact information, Sajid was able to contact the right place to get the support he needed.

Why this Matters

Sometimes people contact our office before bringing their concerns to the City and escalating the matter as far as they can through the City’s complaints process. When that happens, we always try to refer the person to the right place to make their complaint and let them know they can come back to us if the City is unable to resolve the matter.