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Can’t Get No Compaction

What Happened

Mr. Y and Mr. Z had a garbage compactor at the back of their apartment units. They were no longer using the compactor, but were being charged extra fees for it. They called to complain about the extra fees. Solid Waste staff told them to weld the compactor shut, thus making it inoperable. They did as recommended, but continued to receive bills. When they complained again, they were told they should have called Municipal Licensing and Standards (MLS) instead, and that MLS needs to approve the welding shut of compactors in compliance with Council by-laws on recycling. Mr. Y and Mr. Z called MLS and an inspector came to take pictures of the now useless compactor to confirm its closure. When they received yet another bill for compacted waste, they called our office.

What We Did

After speaking with Mr. Y and Mr. Z, we reviewed the recycling by-law and policies, only to discover that as long as the compactor is on site, the bill should remain the same. We spoke with the City and explained that the situation was unfair and that the City’s actions did not align with their own policies. 

The Result

Mr. Y and Mr. Z are no longer paying extra fees for a service they are not using.