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Toronto's Ombudsman to Investigate City's Clearing of Encampments

28 September 2021

Toronto's Ombudsman Kwame Addo today announced that his office has launched an investigation into the City of Toronto's clearing of encampments from some of the City’s parks.

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A Departure Message from Ombudsman Susan Opler

16 July 2021

With one week left as Ombudsman, Susan Opler shares the following message with the people of Toronto: Always remember that you have power and that this is your city. Every single person in Toronto deserves fair, respectful service and you should speak up if you don’t get it.

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Ombudsman Finds Unfairness in the City’s Ticketing of People in Parks During Early COVID-19 Days

9 July 2021

The City of Toronto gave the public confusing and inconsistent information at the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown about what people could and could not do in Toronto parks, says City of Toronto Ombudsman Susan Opler in her report released today, Enquiry into the City of Toronto’s Communication and Enforcement of COVID-19 Rules in City Parks in Spring 2020.

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New Toronto Ombudsman to Start August 23: Mr. Kwame Addo

9 June 2021

Toronto City Council has unanimously voted to appoint Mr. Kwame Addo as Toronto's third Ombudsman. Mr. Addo brings extensive experience to the position, having spent most of his professional career working in Ombudsman organizations.

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Ombudsman: Pandemic Underscores the Importance of Clear City Communications

30 April 2021

The City of Toronto’s Ombudsman says that among the many important lessons the COVID-19 pandemic has taught our local government, it has underscored the need for the City of Toronto to communicate clearly with the public. In her 2020 Annual Report released today, Ombudsman Susan E. Opler says, “Transparent, clear and honest messaging that people can understand is critical.” 

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Ombudsman Toronto to Undertake Oversight of Toronto Police

8 April 2021

City Council today unanimously approved the biggest change in police oversight in Toronto's recent history. It asked Ombudsman Toronto to develop a Memorandum of Understanding with the Toronto Police Services Board and the Toronto Police Service, giving the Toronto Ombudsman authority to review the fairness of Toronto Police procedures and programs.

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An Open Letter from Ombudsman to TTC Urging Swift Action amidst Lingering Systemic Issues

14 December 2020

In an open letter to TTC's Board of Directors, Ombudman Susan E. Opler urges the TTC to address critically needed changes in the recruitment, training, job requirements, public awareness, accountability and culture of Special Constables and Fare Inspectors.

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Message from Ombudsman Susan E. Opler: Notice of Retirement

21 October 2020

After careful consideration, Ombudsman Susan E. Opler has decided to retire from her position, effective 2021.

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Ombudsman Praises Heroism of City Staff, Releases Annual Report

25 June 2020

The City of Toronto Ombudsman today praised the performance of the thousands of City staff who have continued providing services to people in Toronto during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Toronto Ombudsman to Review City’s Investigation Of Incident at Centennial Park

18 June 2020

The City of Toronto Ombudsman will review the City’s investigation of a widely reported incident involving one of its By-Law Enforcement Officers and members of the public in Centennial Park earlier this week.

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