Case Stories

Getting Someone the Help They Need

6 July 2020

After being hospitalized, Ms. D had been without stable Personal Support Worker assistance for over two months, despite requiring care. The City’s Seniors and Long-Term Care division’s Homemakers & Nurses Services department had contracted an agency to provide help to Ms. D. The agency had several staffing, scheduling and communication issues, and was not providing adequate service.

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Improving Communication to TCHC Tenants

7 July 2020

In July 2018, Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC) changed its policy and procedures for unit transfer applications by tenants in crisis situations. As part of this one-time program, TCHC gave Ms. B three choices of buildings to move to (even though the program only required it to offer a unit in one building from the tenant’s approved list). Ms. B asked for more information about the matching process and asked if she could view all three offered units to compare. No one responded to her requests.

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Looking into Enforcement of a Speeding Fine

8 July 2020

A court convicted Mr. H of speeding and fined him. Although he had asked about how to appeal his conviction, he did not start the appeal process. Mr. H temporarily lost the privilege to drive, incurred additional licence reinstatement fees and insurance costs and was unable to use car sharing apps.

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Straightening Out an Ontario Works Mix-Up

9 May 2019

Ms. A, a client of Toronto Employment & Social Services (TESS), called Ombudsman Toronto because her Ontario Works (OW) benefits were late and she believed a new caseworker had wrongly reduced her payment.

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Harmonizing the Rukes for Front Yard Parking

7 May 2019

While reviewing a complaint about a front yard parking pad, we found two problems with the City’s front yard parking by-law.

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Getting an Apologies for a Misdirected Accusation

8 May 2019

Ms. K, a Toronto Community Housing Corporation tenant, received a warning letter accusing her of triggering the fire alarm in her building. She tried to contact her tenant coordinator and building manager but they did not respond.

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Confirming Responsibility for an Unpaid Utility Bill and Securing Payment

9 May 2019

Ms. G was unaware that she had not been paying her water bill, mistakenly believing that her mortgage company was paying for her utilities along with her property tax. She contacted us when staff from the City’s Revenue Services division informed her that she owed over $10,000 for unpaid water bills dating back to 2011.

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Clarifying and Communicating Suspension and Ban Policies

10 May 2019

Mr. B complained that Parks, Forestry and Recreation (PF&R) unfairly suspended him from all of its programs and facilities for one year.

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Referring Someone to the Right Place

11 May 2019

Mr. H came to Ombudsman Toronto after seeking help at Legal Aid and the courts. A driver had struck and injured his partner. Their insurance company was not returning calls, then sent him a notice to attend court on a date when his partner was out of the country.

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Clearing Up Confusion: A Natural Garden Exemption

12 May 2019

Ms. T’s front yard garden contained native plants and wildflowers to attract pollinators. However, every year a neighbour complained about long grass and weeds in Ms. T’s garden and MLS always responded by sending Ms. T a warning letter, giving her the option of either trimming the grasses and plants or applying for a “Natural Garden Exemption”. Every year, Ms. T had to remind MLS about her exemption and ask them to send an expert to assess her natural garden.

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