Securing Shelter for a Mother and her Children

6 May 2021

Sydney reached out to us for help finding shelter for her and her children. She told us she had already asked for help through the Central Intake line at the City’s Shelter, Support and Housing Administration division, but was told there was no space available for them anywhere.

We immediately spoke with the City to see why Sydney and her children had been denied shelter, but we learned there had been a miscommunication. Sydney had requested shelter at a specific location, but it was at full capacity. City staff had told her they were unable to place her at that location due to a lack of space, but they had not told her there was no space available anywhere.

Since Sydney and her children were still in immediate need of shelter, we asked City staff to find another shelter where the family could spend the night. Thanks to our work and the work of the City, Sydney and her children were successfully placed at another suitable location.

Why This Matters: Sometimes there is a misunderstanding between the City and members of the public. By objectively listening to both complainants and City staff, we are often able to help resolve a problem and ensure a fair resolution for everyone.

All names are changed to protect the privacy of complainants.