Referring Someone to the Right Place

11 May 2019

Mr. H came to Ombudsman Toronto after seeking help at Legal Aid and the courts. A driver had struck and injured his partner. Their insurance company was not returning calls, then sent him a notice to attend court on a date when his partner was out of the country.

We explained to Mr. H that his problem was outside the scope of Ombudsman Toronto, but committed to finding him the best referral. Our first step was to try to determine whether his insurance company had an institutional ombudsman. It did! No one had told him that this was an option, even though he asked to speak to a compliance officer. We also referred him to the General Insurance Ombudservice, after confirming that his insurance company was a member company.

Mr. H told us he was grateful for the information, as nobody else had cared enough to take the time to help him find the right referral.

All names are changed to protect the privacy of complainants.