Looking into Enforcement of a Speeding Fine

8 July 2020

A court convicted Mr. H of speeding and fined him. Although he had asked about how to appeal his conviction, he did not start the appeal process. After the due date for the payment of the fine had passed, the City’s Court Services division promptly took steps to enforce payment, by asking the Ministry of Transportation to suspend his licence. Mr. H temporarily lost the privilege to drive, incurred additional licence reinstatement fees and insurance costs and was unable to use car sharing apps.

He contacted us to complain that he did not receive the required notice from the City about his fine, including information on how much he owed, the due date for payment and possible consequences of non-payment. We spoke to Court Services and reviewed the available evidence. Their records showed that they had sent Mr. H notice of the fine. Furthermore, information about how to pay and the consequences of non-payment is readily available: it is printed on the back of every speeding ticket, including the one Mr. H received.

We closed the case, having found no maladministration or unfairness in how the City had enforced this fine.

All names are changed to protect the privacy of complainants.