Helping Someone Find the Right Place to Complain

4 July 2020

Mr. U was concerned about three trees that the City planted on the boulevard next to his home. He worried that they had been planted too close to a gate on his property and to another tree. He was also upset that he had not received notice that the City would be planting the trees in the first place. He first tried to resolve this issue by contacting 311 and his City Councillor’s office but was not satisfied with the response he got and was unsure of what to do next. He called us to find out. We contacted the supervisor at Urban Forestry responsible for tree planting.

We explained that Mr. U was looking to escalate his complaint at the City and asked who he should contact. The supervisor gave us the contact information of the person responsible for this file and encouraged Mr. U to contact them to discuss his concerns. We sent this information to Mr. U reminding him that if he did not receive a reply or was not satisfied with the reply, he could get back in touch with us.

While Mr. U was frustrated that he would have to contact another person, he was impressed that we were able to quickly find him the appropriate person to speak to at the City and expressed appreciation for our help.

All names are changed to protect the privacy of complainants.