Following Up on a TTC Wheel Trans Drop-Off Error

26 June 2020

TTC’s Wheel-Trans service dropped off a nonverbal young woman with special needs at the wrong location. She was supposed to meet her parents at a dental office for an appointment. When she did not show up, they were extremely worried. They found out that the driver had dropped her and another passenger off at a nearby bank. The doors to the building of the dentist’s office were closed, and the driver decided that the bank was the safest and closest location to drop off the passengers. It was only with the help of a bank employee that the young woman was reunited with her parents. The young woman’s family called Wheel-Trans several times after the incident to find out how this could have happened. When they did not hear back, they contacted Ombudsman Toronto.

We contacted Wheel-Trans to find out what had happened. They responded quickly, noting that although the young woman’s file had no information indicating she should not be left alone, they were indeed concerned about this incident. They pledged to do better. They apologized to the family, added additional information to the young woman’s file about her needs, and reminded their operators and dispatchers of safe operational procedures.