Fixing an Incorrect Parking Ticket

5 May 2021

Having not been in Toronto since 1978, Sangeet was understandably surprised when he received a parking ticket from the City of Toronto.

Not knowing what to do, and without access to email or a phone, Sangeet gave consent for a friend to speak with us on his behalf. His friend told us that Sangeet had tried to dispute the ticket, but there had been a delay receiving the ticket in the mail and now it was past due to dispute online.

We asked Court Services to look into the matter. After investigating, they discovered that the enforcement officer had entered the incorrect license plate number on the violation notice and told us that the ticket, which had been issued in error, would be promptly cancelled.

Sangeet was very happy with the result and thanked us for our help.

Why This Matters: We all make mistakes, including City staff. When those mistakes happen, it’s important for the City to acknowledge and correct the error. We helped get to the bottom of the error in Sangeet’s case.

All names are changed to protect the privacy of complainants.