Direct-Withdrawal Mistake: Getting a Refund

22 August 2022

When signing up for a mortgage, homeowners must choose whether they would like their property taxes to be withdrawn from their mortgage or sent directly to them through an invoice. Unfortunately, when Manjula's bank set up their mortgage, the bank mistakenly selected both options. The City did not notice that Manjula was set up to pay their property taxes in two different ways, which meant that Manjula was being charged double. Frustrated and unsure what steps to take, Manjula contacted us for help. We looked into the matter and confirmed that Manjula was being charged twice. We then helped Manjula get in touch with Revenue Services to obtain their refund.

Why this Matters: Mistakes happen, and it's sometimes difficult to know how to navigate the City administration to get them fixed. When someone comes to our office and doesn't know where to go to address their problem, we always try to help refer them to the right place.