Connecting Someone with Revenue Services to Follow Up on a Refund

7 May 2021

Hawa, whose late brother had given her Power of Attorney for Property, contacted us for help straightening out a problem with the City’s Revenue Services division. Her brother had overpaid a utility bill and was due a refund, but he had died before he received it.

As the Executor of her brother’s estate, Hawa wanted to make sure to collect the refund he had been owed. When she contacted us, she was concerned that she had sent copies of all necessary documents—including the Power of Attorney—to Revenue Services two weeks earlier, but she had not yet heard anything back. We contacted Revenue Services, who confirmed that it had just received Hawa’s documents the previous day and would be issuing the refund shortly.

We followed up with Hawa and gave her the contact information of someone she could talk to at Revenue Services. Hawa thanked us for our help, and later called to confirm that she had received the refund.

Why This Matters: The City organizations we oversee have the responsibility—and must have the opportunity—to address complaints from the people they serve. But sometimes members of the public contact us before they have tried to resolve a problem directly with the City. It’s important to us to help however we can, so in those cases, we try to connect the complainant with the right person to talk to at the City, and we let them know that they can come back to us if they don’t get a fair outcome.

All names are changed to protect the privacy of complainants.