Case Stories

Securing Shelter for a Mother and her Children

6 May 2021

Sydney reached out to us for help finding shelter for her and her children. She told us she had already asked for help through the Central Intake line at the City’s Shelter, Support and Housing Administration division, but was told there was no space available for them anywhere.

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Fixing an Incorrect Parking Ticket

5 May 2021

Having not been in Toronto since 1978, Sangeet was understandably surprised when he received a parking ticket from the City of Toronto.

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Ensuring Equitable Treatment and Finding Specialized Programs at the City that Can Help

4 May 2021

When someone contacts us to complain, we always consider whether the person is experiencing vulnerabilities—including mental or physical ones—that require an extra level of care from both us and the City. Sometimes circumstances arise that require additional care and specialized support.

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Referring Someone to the Right Place to Complain

3 May 2021

Tina was having a problem with Canada Post. She tried contacting them directly to resolve the issue, but she got no response. Frustrated and feeling like she had hit a dead end, Tina contacted Ombudsman Toronto to file a complaint.

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Ensuring the City Shares Accurate Shelter/Respite Capacity Numbers

2 May 2021

Early in the pandemic, we started to hear from community advocates and members of the public, who said that people experiencing homelessness were being turned away from shelters and respite sites because there was no space available, despite the City publishing information showing there was space.

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Helping a TCHC Tenant Get Safe Housing

1 May 2021

Sam, a TCHC tenant, contacted us to complain that he had been displaced from his apartment due to mould.

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Upholding Fairness in the City’s Process

30 April 2021

Toronto Employment and Social Services (TESS) provides financial assistance to the families of deceased Toronto residents whose estates do not have sufficient funds to cover the cost of a basic funeral, burial and/or cremation. Two different families told us they had applied for this financial support, but their applications were denied.

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Ending an Unfair (and Unlawful) Practice in City Long-Term Care Homes

25 June 2020

Concerned that City of Toronto Long-Term Care Homes were requiring some residents who had Substitute Decision Makers to sign an agreement to act as a guarantor for the resident’s fees, we started an Enquiry.

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Following Up on a TTC Wheel Trans Drop-Off Error

26 June 2020

TTC’s Wheel-Trans service dropped off a nonverbal young woman with special needs at the wrong location. She was supposed to meet her parents at a dental office for an appointment. When she did not show up, they were extremely worried.

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Ensuring Transparency in Staff Reports to City Council

27 June 2020

City Council and its committees often ask staff to prepare reports on a wide range of topics, and to bring those reports back to them for consideration. We had noticed that often, those reports were late. Some of them seemed to never appear.

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