Ombudsman Awards

The Ombudsman Toronto Awards are given annually to individual public servants or teams for their exceptional work in proactively resolving complaints to our office. The awards also recognize initiatives that improve systems and result in better service and governance.

To be eligible, a public servant or team must meet one or more of the following criteria:
  • demonstrates leadership in problem solving and good service to the public
  • initiates innovative approaches to dispute resolution
  • encourages the application of problem solving at a systems level
  • provide exceptional responsiveness and cooperative service during an Ombudsman Toronto Enquiry or Investigation

2016 Recipients:

  • Natalie Brown, a planner at Toronto Community Housing Corporation, worked tirelessly to implement the 30 recommendations coming from Housing at Risk, the Ombudsman’s investigation into the evictions of seniors at TCHC.
  • The Appeal Review Unit at the Employment and Social Services Division cut the decision time for appeals so that more than 40% are now delivered within one day.
  • Ted Van Vliet showed leadership during an Ombudsman Investigation into sign variances, saying his unit was open to suggestions and acknowledging that rules might need adjustment.

2015 Recipients:

  • Dennis Brenyah, Counsellor, Shelter, Support and Housing Administration
  • Debbie Higgins, Deputy Fire Chief, Toronto Fire Services
  • Faye Jose, Director, Children’s Services Division

2014 Recipients:

  • Antoanela Culcearu, Operating Unit Manager, Toronto Community Housing Corporation
  • Joe Magalhaes, District Manager, Investigation Services, Municipal Licensing and Standards
  • Barry Randell, Director, Court Services
  • Lynda Taschereau, Executive Director, Strategic and Corporate Policy, City Manager’s Office
  • Wendy Walberg, Practice Lead, Legal Services

2013 Recipients:

  • Phillip Abrahams, General Manager, Shelter, Support and Housing Administration
  • Denise Andrea Campbell, Director, Community Resources, Social Development, Finance and Administration
  • City Clerk’s Office
  • Trish Horrigan, Policy Planning and Project Consultant, Shelter, Support and Housing Administration

2012 Recipients: 

  • Lou Di Gironimo, General Manager, Toronto Water
  • ‚ÄčIsmail Ibrahim, Counsel, Toronto Community Housing Corporation
  • Heather MacVicar, General Manager, Toronto Employment & Social Services
  • Atul Medhekar, IT Coordinator, Shelter Support & Housing Administration
  • Wendy Quaintance-Collier, Manager, Revenue Services